Organic Hemp Seed

Have you ever wondered about hemp seeds?

Are you looking for a superior source of protein, a source that is far better than meat? Perhaps you are a vegan and need an excellent source of protein? Perhaps you have heard of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and are looking for a web site with more information about EFAs. is the perfect place for you to find all this information and more.

It is not widely known that hemp seeds contain some of the most important nutrition, and in quantities that are higher than any other single plant, when considered together. Hemp seed protein contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to maintain healthy human life, which makes it a perfect substitute for meat or as a protein supplement in your diet. No other single source provides such a complete protein in a form that is so easily digested and absorbed by the body. No other plant contains the essential oils necessary for perfect health in a ratio exactly suited to our needs. No other plant contains the kind of insoluble fibre that hemp seeds have, something that our modern diets are severely lacking.

With the addition of whole hemp seeds you gain the world’s best source of insoluble fibre, something we are all lacking in our diets, the world’s best source of vegetable protein, as the proteins found are complete, as they have all 9 essential amino acids and are the most digestible form. With the addition of hulled hemp seed you gain the worlds best source of essential fatty acids, as they are in a perfect balance for digestion, and on top of it all, they taste absolutely amazing!

Fibre, Protein and EFAs – What a combination!

There really is no other plant quite like hemp, as there are just so many things the plant can do, from fibre to fuel and food. The hemp seed is perfectly suited to do what nature intended them it do, provide us with the seed as a sustainable source of protein food, the stock as fibre for clothing and paper, the inner hurd for plastics and the seed oils for nutrition and paints. If we were to wake up and realize that we could end our dependence on petrochemicals and still have the same lifestyles with the same vehicles and conveniences yet be cleaning the planet and providing a sustainable future for our children just by growing one plant, Cannabis Sativa, why would we not? Well, the answer to that is part of the biggest industrial conspiracy in modern history. Hemp is too perfect, hemp seeds are too much of a viable alternative to the petrochemical age we live in. So much so that the only way the people in power for the last 80 years could control it was to first demonize the plant, then when people had forgotten how amazing it was and how many things used to be made from it, then they made it illegal.

Since 1990 when we were first introduced to hempseed we have been on a crusade to educate as many people as possible about the reality of hempseeds since the misinformation put out seems to be so effective in deterring people from finding out the truth on their own. We have had a whole range of reactions. There was the old Eastern European man who approached our table at an outdoor event with tears in his eyes because it had been so many years since he had seen hemp seeds. He told us that this was such a common thing to him when he was a child, his Mother used to make the hempseed into a gruel for him and seeing the seed on our table brought back fond memories of his Mother’s kitchen. There was the Mother who dragged her Daughter away before she could sample the hemp seed exclaiming “Honey, don’t eat hemp seed, you’re pregnant!”, HOW FOOLISH, it would have been excellent for both her and her baby! There was the man who approached the table looking like he was going to become quite violent exclaiming “you’re feeding my children DRUGS!”. Of course, he was totally wrong, there is no drug content in hemp seed. Just as there is no drug content in poppy seeds, even though they come from the same plant that produces opium.

So you see, hemp seed and the Cannabis Sativa plant are the unfortunate recipients of a bad rap simply because they are just too good! What other plant could boost your immune system decreasing your need for doctors and pharmaceuticals; provide you with your daily requirement of protein, making meat obsolete; allow you to make clothing using minimal pesticides, unlike cotton which has half of the world’s pesticides sprayed on it; providing you with a renewable fuel for your more efficient diesel engine as the engine was initially intended to run on vegetable fuel; providing you with a non-toxic biodegradable source for the manufacture of plastics; allowing you to make the highest quality paints without the toxic smells and by-products; and if all that weren’t enough, providing you with everything you might need to live a very long healthy life while returning the planet to a garden rather than a toxic waste dump.

The answer to all the world’s problems is the hemp plant and the answer to the shortage of food and protein is the hemp seed. Hempseed is the solution. Will you make the change in your life and add this wonder food to your diet? We sure hope so. Not convinced yet? Please read on, use the menu to the left to find out more about the amazing wonderful hemp seed!

Thank you

Chi Hemp Industries Incorporated