Hemp Beer

There is no question, one of the finest beers you can make is a hemp beer. There just seems to be something about the nutty flavour of the hemp seed that lends itself to great tasting beer. There are actually quite a few ways to make beer from hemp. First off, you should decide what kind of product you are going to start with. Some use whole seed, which can add a great nutty flavour and even some coffee flavours if the seed is over roasted before being added. Some use hulled seed which provides a very nice soft flavour. Still others like to preserve the head of their beer so they use what we call the hemp seed flour, which is the byproduct of pressing the seed for oil. We actually recommend this product the most as it is essentially the best of all the products in one and seems to make the best beer.

We serve numerous different breweries in Canada and the US with our superior product and our experience. We want to help you produce the very best possible product! Our quality hemp ingredients will help you to create a product that sets you apart! Hemp beer made from our hemp seed flourĀ or our whole toasted seeds is simply amazing.

And when it comes to quality, our policy is very simple: We do not and will not sell anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Our standards are held high for our brewers, and they thank us for it.


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