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We always wonder who John D. and Ann M. really are. Do site owners actually make up favourable testimonials for themselves? That is something we just simply never even consider doing. All of the testimonials written below are from actual clients who actually ordered hemp food from us. If we edited the testimonial, it was to remove personal information or details that shouldn’t be made public.

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they are great... fresh and delicious.

tom k.
February 13 2019

Thank you, Very happy, great quality.

Dominic M.
January 25 2019

Otherwise PERFECT I was almost mad about shipping until I got the product!! SO WORTH THE MONEY WILL BE RETURNING CUSTOMER!!

Allison W.
January 10 2019

Prompt service and quality product

Cathe R.
October 14 2018

Awezsome thanks

Brian M.
October 02 2018

I am happy with my purchase.

Beverly M.
September 11 2018

Very good quality

May 13 2018

Received my order of 25lbs unhulled seeds and 5lbs of hulled seeds and I am beyond satisfied! The unhulled seeds arrived in a secured black 5-gallon black bucket and the hulled seeds arrived in sleek black packaging. Admittingly, I was worried about my order due to the length of shipping time from when I placed the order which took slightly over 1 week to arrive (I live in NY). I contacted sales via email and they responded promptly via a phone call to assure me that the seeds were in route. One day after the phone call, the seeds arrived. Most impressed with customer service - THANK YOU! I plan to order again soon!

Lydia B.
April 29 2018

Absolutely amazing product! Such a healthy sustainable addition to my family's diet. LOVE that you thrive on providing this product to Canada. Huge hemp supporter!

Chelsea W.
April 16 2018

Arrived quickly,quality is fine.

Gary I.
April 15 2018