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You may not like this, but these seeds were for a starving bird. We had a problem with rancid bird seed, and bird stopped eating. I was frantically ordering fresh seed, and then your CHI hemp seeds arrived. Bird LOVES them; immediately gained the grams of weight he had lost. Your seeds were a budgie lifesaver, and I like them, too. Thanks!

Jan K.
January 31 2017

I like these. They came relatively quickly. They taste fine. My only disappointment was that they had been sterilized, as I was hoping to use them for sprouts.

David J.
January 23 2017

The hemp seeds from your company are so clean and so fine, I would order from your company again

Joronica T.
January 10 2017

Everything as advertised and shipped within a reasonable amount of time.

Joshua M.
December 16 2016

Received an email for a Black Friday special, just when my hemp stock was almost depleted. Ordered and received the goods at my door, in a matter of days. Can't ask for much more. Thanks!

Karen S.
December 13 2016

My favorite thing to eat. Whole hemp seeds, a little hemp seed oil, pink salt and nutritional yeast is the bomb!

Kevin W.
December 12 2016

Awesome great product and service thanks again

Brian M.
November 23 2016

Thank you!

Gio J.
November 23 2016

Excellent and prompt service

david h.
November 12 2016

Fast shipping! Great quality of hemp!! First time consumer! Thank you! :blush: #happyCustomer

Daniel S.
October 04 2016