When it comes to health benefits of seeds & nuts, hemp must be included as one that aids to improve your overall health and well-being.
Hemp food is fit for people who are physically active, professional athletes or train hard because it aids to eradicate lactic acid that builds up in your muscles after tough exercise causing rigidity. Hemp seeds can also contribute to functioning of the brain through their essential fatty acid profile, so consuming hemp food products can help to prevent irritability and depression. Hemp seed is also known to reduce swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for moisturizing the skin, topically alleviating psoriasis or eczema symptoms on the skin’s surface and growth of healthy hair.

Hemp seed is one of the seeds containing the lowest levels of saturated fats. Every form of hemp (oil, hearts, shell and powder) is exceptionally nourishing for at least two of these key nutrients: complete protein source and high concentration, minerals, omega fatty acids, fibre, and quality calories for energy. Hemp’s whole protein and essential oil nutritional profile are a combination that is rightly balanced for human consumption. Approximately 90% of the protein from hemp can be absorbed by the human body in raw form making it very complementary to meat and fish at 94% protein digestibility and eggs with the highest protein digestibility of 97%.

In addition hemp seed oil has also been proven to lower bad blood cholesterol known as HDL. It also aids to dissolve the plaque that might be found in coronary arteries, which in due course reduces the danger of heart disease.

Hemp seeds can be put in salads, shakes, garnishes, sauces, any raw food recipes etc. in their raw form and are also great to use in any cooking or baking applications. Just be sure not to fry with hemp seed oil at high temperatures due to its low smoking point of 165C.

So do not wait any longer, get some hemp seeds and take pleasure in the benefits that it could bring to your body and lifestyle. The best part is it tastes great!